About Our Chief Experience Travel Consultant


oluyemisi-olopade-odelolaMy name is Oluyemisi Olopade, am a very adventurous lady who inherited the bug to TRAVEL from my ancestors… our family history is based on the story of migration, from Benin City, Edo State to Ogbomosho, Oyo State when parents gave out their children to foreign missionaries for training, then off to Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Unlike most people, I like going to places I have never been to, just the sound of a destination gets me thinking, “hmm, I wonder what it’s like there@ and OFF I go.  When I was much younger I needed a friend or my younger brother who kind of indulged me, but now…..the thrill of the destination will get me going, since I can easily make friends so I know I have friends waiting for me over there.

As a student, I tried all forms of travel between U.K. and France (Paris), so whether by small Air France plane (very uncomfortable for a first time traveller), or by train & hovercraft, till the advent of Eurostar* that then became my trip within Europe (London-Paris Gare du Nord-The Hague-Antwerpen *(nice gold shops) and train & ferry…..so invent a way to travel am there to TRY it out.

In 1994 my first trip to Egypt, I rode on horseback on the dessert just to visit the Giza Pyramids, I fell off my horse thrice, but will quickly mount again, cause the other option would have been to walk J

chief-experience-travel-consultant-01Next time I go will try to ride a camel… though the distance to the ground is greater, sure I will not fall, at night fall had a Bidoin dinner with the locals, enjoyed eating pigeon (a whole bird is like a full chicken lap or even smaller), went on a cruise, with a belly dancer who fished me out of the crowd because of my “boubou” outfit (African kaftan), with this magical dancer and lots to eat.