Affiliates with Lekker International

Owning largely to our steadfastness in business, we have established strong ties with various partners locally and international. Our network of getting products and services to our clients is as follows:


The word ‘Lekker’ has European origins and means delicious, cool, awesome.

Lekker International is a global travel club created to enable people to live a ‘Lekker Life’. This is a life where people regularly take their dream vacations and have the time and money to enjoy all life’s possibilities.

That’s an awesome, cool outcome…wouldn’t you agree? We say it’s “Lekker”!


Lekker International is an international leisure, travel and lifestyle company offering: great savings on leisure & travel purchases access world’s best hotels, resorts, cruises, car hire & more an opportunity to enjoy MORE leisure time an opportunity to enjoy MORE opportunities to travel


Travel, Network marketing, Home based, Holidays

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Leisure, Travel & Tourism

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Privately Held

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