Q: how do we @PTL define TOUR?

A: It’s a travel combination of multiple features (air, road, cruise, sightseeing visits, culinary adventures) sold together as a single holiday

We @ PARNASSE TRAVELS specialize in what’s considered Special Interest Tours* but can also handle Custom-designed Tours**, Independent Tours***, Hosted Tours****, and Escorted Tours.

*[“S.I.T”]* as the name implies it’s a tour developed to cater to the client’s specific interest and involves in-depth planning especially for special celebrations*.

**[CDT]**can also be called “foreign Independent Tour”, organized for both leisure travel as well as for business, they’re tailor-made and thus more expensive to operate, than pre-packaged tours.

*** [I.T]*** a tour where participants travel independently, all we provide are the basic components like flight ticket, transfer from airport to hotels via rental car hire, it enables the client to visits more than one destination or just to relax at a resort without going for sightseeing.

****[H.T.]**** this enables the traveler to hook up with a host @ the destination who serves as  an Information specialist who facilitates the needs and wants of the tour participant.

*****  [E.T.]*****as the name depicts it’s a Group tour with accompanied Tour Guides who coordinate the itinerary and activities and are fully responsible for making sure all aspects of the tour run smoothly *the 5A’s*[put the link to the descriptions here] are all pre-arranged, most of the land transportation is done by Coach