This covers your air, ground and sea travel requests.

Q: What exactly is TRAVELING?

A: Movement from one place to another, using either a vehicle, plane, ship or a combination of all 3 modes of transportation.

We @ PARNASSE TRAVELS can assist you to make all your travel needs professionally organized to ensure a hitch-free experience, to avail of this service just complete our 10mins Travel Questionnaire, giving us your details (as on your travel document/passport), travel dates to and returning, specifying what type of accommodation you’d like and if interested include a cruise holiday package.

In other to enjoy a successful destination the 5A’s must be present

[ACS] No destination is worth visiting unless there’s a means of getting there such as by using Airlines and booking a plane ticket to FLY there, BUS or COACH companies that run ground transportation from one point to the desired destination, RAIL facilities connects so many cities together (especially in Europe) whereby giving you a good view of the landscape and save you the trouble of driving to an Airport then continuing the journey in either a rental car, taxi, bus or coach.

[ACC] The place you stay while on vacation or even on a business trip is very import. Whether it is a hotel, hostel, Inn or Lodges, or even “home-stays” on islands where you stay with the local residents in other to integrate into the local community, these vary in costs and so based on your budget or what you want to spend, there’s always something for everyone.

[AMT] every destination offers different facilities that range from restaurants, designer’s bars, Coffee shops, shopping Plazas, night clubs, Health SPAs and even availability of a Golf course or just some recreation parks to relax in, while away from your home base.

[ACT] what activity will you indulge in while @ your destination? Depending on your individual preference you could go on a jungle trek, bicycle trail, golfing or even scuba-diving.

[ATT] Every destination has it’s own “must see” sites, like Museums, Amusement Parks, Cinemas, Cabaret Bars, gothic Cathedrals or just local culinary journeys into the cultural and historical lifestyle of the inhabitants of the town/city or Country